How To Recover Stolen Or Lost Bitcoins In A Few Easy Steps?

Recover Stolen Bitcoins

In today’s financial era, investing in bitcoins is one of the best ways to become a millionaire. Since nothing is fully advantageous in this world, bitcoins are no exception. Cybercrime is rampant these days, so bitcoins are at risk of being stolen or lost. So, it is important for you to know how to recover stolen bitcoins and lost bitcoins. You will find answers to these questions below:

How To Recover Stolen Bitcoins?

Do you know how bitcoins are stolen? They are stolen due to fraudulent activity of unauthorized access to a cryptocurrency exchange or custodial wallet. If your bitcoins are stolen, you can recover them in the following steps:


Tracking The Stolen Bitcoin

Although you cannot reverse transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, you can inform cryptocurrency platforms to help you track down the individuals responsible and freeze their accounts. In order to track Bitcoin funds, you need to use Block Cypher, a blockchain explorer, to follow the funds because they are transferred to the wallet address of the perpetrator. If funds are transferred into a wallet associated with a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need Know-Your-Customer documentation to convert Bitcoin into fiat money.

Hiring A Professional Bounty Hunter

You can avail yourself of a crypto hunting service that rediscovers passwords and seed phrases to track down stolen Bitcoin. The form of payment is a percentage of the total Bitcoin amount recovered.

How To Retrieve Lost Bitcoins?

Do you know how losing bitcoins can cost you? You lose access to a password, private key, or seed phrase. Using a blockchain explorer, you may be able to track the Bitcoin to find the Bitcoin transaction ID. If you forget the seed phrase to recover the wallet, access will be denied. In case you do not have access to a Bitcoin wallet, you have two options to retrieve lost bitcoins. And they include the following:

Availing Yourself Of A Professional Hunting Service

In view of the increasing requirements to retrieve lost cryptocurrencies, bitcoins hunting services are gaining immense popularity day by day. These service providers employ brute computing power along with investigative algorithms to determine and try a password or seed phrase. The efforts and time required by a professional crypto-hunting service depend on how much information you can remember. If you can remember elements of the password or seed phrase, you can reduce the time considerably. Typically, crypto-hunting services ask you to provide them with a certain amount, which means that a lost haul must be large enough for them to consider your case. Wallet Recovery Services are one of the best examples of professional crypto-hunting services.

Extracting Data From Hard Drives

If you have accidentally deleted a cryptocurrency wallet or seed phrase, you can make use of the data recovery software to recover corrupted or lost files that may have become corrupt. You may have to download, install and operate the software yourself. This option will be cheaper than availing yourself of the services of a professional cryptocurrency hunter. You should be cautious enough to choose a piece of software.

At Bitcoins Recovery Tool, we help people retrieve lost bitcoins and private key recovery. We also help them restore bitcoins sent to the wrong wallet addresses. Our mission is to end all types of crypto thefts globally with our BitCore software. We boast a team comprising cyber security and software engineers who work in tandem with crypto programmers to fight cybercrime.

Briefly Put!

Indeed, investing in bitcoins is a lucrative business, but your business could be prone to cybercrime. Under such a condition, you can use the tips to recover stolen bitcoins and lost bitcoins, whatever your case. 

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